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Lunchtime Conversation with Lan Phan.

Blaine Bartlett

Lan Phan, Founder and CEO of Community of SEVEN

Dealing with A-Holes

Dealing With A-Holes At Work (Through Play) with Community of Seven

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Harvard Business Reviews

How to Intervene When a Manager Is Gaslighting Their Employees

“When high performers become quiet and disinterested and are then labeled as low performers, we as leaders of our organizations must understand why,” says Lan Phan, founder and CEO of community of SEVEN, who coaches executives in her curated core community groups. “Being gaslighted by their manager can be a key driver of why someone’s performance is suddenly declining. Over time, gaslighting will slowly erode their sense of confidence and self-worth.”


Conquering Your Everest: Leadership Tools That Will Help You Climb To The Top

As a leader, it’s best to try to limit calls and meetings to seven people, recommends Lan Phan. The founder of community of SEVEN, an exclusive community of executives and thought leaders, finds this to be the most efficient group size to be productive and effectuate change. Each additional group member beyond the initial seven, says Phan, is about 10% less productive. Leaders must establish trust and lead like the “North Star,” says Phan.

Fierce Lab

Building a Community with Purpose with Lan Phan

May 20, 2021

The Community of SEVEN, a leadership development program, was created by Lan Pham to bring people together in a community to help change the world for the better. The pivots and risks Lan took throughout her life prepared her for her role in creating the program, and she believes that living your purpose and values will help you achieve success in your life and in bettering the world. MORE INFO

Soul of Business with Blaine Bartlett

Lan Phan, Founder and CEO of Community of SEVEN

May 3, 2021

Business taking responsibility for the whole through the power of community! Lan Phan is founder and CEO of community of SEVEN, an invite-only membership community that brings leading executives, thought-leaders, and change makers together to tackle and solve business and societal problems. MORE INFO

Susan Freeman

Freeman Means Business' Wonder Women in Business Podcast

April 14, 2021

Amplifying Women’s Voices Through Storytelling
Why is storytelling important? Stories have a transformative power to allow us to see the world in a different way than we do if we just encounter it on our own. Stories are an entry point to understanding a different experience of the world. MORE INFO

May I Have Your Attention

Zero to 80k Followers in 10 months | Lan Phan

March 1, 2021

May I Have Your Attention…’ is brought to you by, which turns your webinar or podcast into three months of social media content. Find out more at Captivate.aiThis is a show all about getting attention online. Whether it is for you personally or for your company, each week we delve into how to get attention, how to keep attention, and how to make money from attention. MORE INFO

Modern Minorities

Lan Phan Believes in Community (of Seven)

Lan Phan may or may not have once driven a getaway car, founded her own music agency, and/or had a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio – all before she was 30. Today she’s left her BigCo business cards behind, and is now the founder of COMMUNITY OF SEVEN – which brings together big brands and non-profits – to solve big business and societal problems – through content, events and loyalty programs. Not bad for a girl who grew up rough-and-tumble in Inglewood (the not-so-nice part of LA). Hear Lan share her thoughts on (Vietnamese) refugee parents, (Jamasian) parenting, how strength comes from adversity, and finding yourself in crowds where you don’t always fit in.

Grit Daily Like a Boss Podcast

Like a BOSS with Loralyn Mears & Guest Lan Phan

Feb. 20, 2021

Lan Phan was entrepreneurial even as a child. Over the course of the past two decades, she’s founded several companies, commanded a global audience at Fortune and established Community of Seven – a group of experts aligned around a common purpose – to do good and change the world. MORE INFO

Take The Lead

The Community Of SEVEN: Creating A Tribe Of Purpose-Driven Leaders Who Want To Change The World With Lan Phan

Jan. 18, 2021

Nobody would look at getting fired from a dream job at Fortune Magazine as a good thing, but for Lan Phan, it opened up an opportunity to do something that makes a much bigger impact on the world. MORE INFO

Brand Safety Exchange

A Masterclass in Building Community with Lan Phan of community of SEVEN

Jan. 8, 2021

Brand Safety Exchange welcomed Lan Phan, Founder and CEO of community of SEVEN, to give listeners a master class in community building. Lan and host Tiffany Xingyu Wang discuss the importance of openness and how it can improve the online world, MORE INFO

AMFM247 Broadcasting Network

Dr Diane Hamilton Show - Lan Phan

Jan. 4, 2021

Lan Phan is the founder and CEO of community of SEVEN, an invite-only membership community that brings leading executives, thought-leaders, and changemakers together to tackle and solve business and societal problems. Lan has a track history of building startups inside legacy brands; Before launching, MORE INFO

Minority Report Podcast

Ep 84 - Lan Phan, Founder & CEO of community of SEVEN: Born building communities

In episode 84, we speak with Lan Phan, Founder & CEO of community of SEVEN. Lan takes us through her family background and upbringing which helped shape the values, beliefs and passions she has today. We also discuss Lan’s career journey, why she launched community of SEVEN, how she handles issues of discrimination and a lot more.

APRIL 12, 2021

Lan Phan’s Advice To Women Who Want To Live A More Purpose-Driven Life

February 20, 2021

Aligning Purpose Passion and People to Drive Change

January 18, 2021

The Community of Seven: Creating a Tribe of Purpose-driven Leaders Who Want to Change the World With Lan Phan

JANUARY 13, 2021

Power Hour With Lan Phan: The Importance Of Purpose-Driven Growth